Sustainable 3D Printing

A complete 3D printing cycle starts with design and modelling. Dreamcubics design 3D models or capture by 3d scanners for you. To build the 3d models, we print them in appropriate 3d printers, namely FDM, SLS, SLA, metallic or full-color printers. We produce the models by casting and finish all kind of post-print treatment.

To make the 3d printing completely sustainable, we recycle the false prints, rafts, supports and make them into recycled filaments.

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3D Printer

FDM Printer

SLA Printer


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3D Filaments






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3D Scanner

Handheld scanner

High Precision scanner

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Printing Services

We print your 3D models, in FDM, SLA, SLS, Full-color, Metal printers.

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Scanning Services

We scan your spare parts, jewellery, watches, and even ... yourself.

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Custom made products

We make products that you want. Every product can be custom made. We make also yourself ... at a reduced scale.

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