Dream S2

Dream NP02 3D Scanner

Scan Dimension :   0.3-20 meter, Full color scan

Scan presicion : 0.1 mm

Max Scanning Frame Rate : 0.03-0.1 sec, 100K pixel/frame

Export file type : STL, OBJ, PLY, VRML

Dream MH260

Dream MH260 3D Scanner

Scanning Precision 0.03mm - 0.1mm

Single frame coverage: 0.3-1.5m

Scanning type: Photographic

Light source: White light infra red projection

Connectivity: USB

Weight : 2KG

Lens type: Near Infra Red

Output file type STL, PLY, ASC, IGS, OBJ, STP, VRML

Professional 3D scanners for your replicate of the real world

Dreamcubics 3D scanners help you to digitize the real world. Replicate can be made and the digital files can be further used in the making of virtual reality world.

3d scanning

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