Therapeutic Screen-activity Training System

Therapeutic Screen-activity Training System is designed for therapeutic cases in stroke, brain injury, central neuropathy,upper limb, muscle, endurance deficiencies. The system records each set of training and provides data analysis for the recovery. The setup is simple, and the difficulties of the training can be adjusted to suit for different cases. A total of 29 training modes are designed which provide one-side limb, both-side limb and one-side limb with resistance training.

The system consists of accessories such as upper limb push-and-pull mechanism, grip stylus, wireless push button and hand grip. In the original design, wood is the main material. Wood, on the other hand, has a poor performance in anti-bacterial testing. Dreamcubics then redesign those accessories by 3D modelling software. 3D printing is used to make the accessories. The final assembly is then used in hospitals.

By using 3D printing, the wooden parts are replaced by 3D printed parts. The production time of the accessories is shorten and the production cost is lowered by a large portion.