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Recycling of Post-consumer plastic bottles to rPET filaments

A 18-month campaign will be organised and schools are invited to set up the recycle bin.

Students are encouraged to remove the caps and labels of the water bottles and put in the recycle bin.

We will collect the water bottles and make them into 3D printing filaments.

We are applying subsidy from the Solicitation Theme on Projects from New and Start-up Enterprises of the Recycle Fund.

The Recycle Process

The bottles will be collected in the recycle bin. They will be sorted and the labels and caps will be removed.

We will clean the bottles and shred them into flakes. The flakes will be dehydrated and then extruded into 3D printing filaments.


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Dreamcubics rPET 3D Filament

Recycle rPET Filament

The Recycle rPET filaments are 100% from post-consumer PET bottles.

Print Temp: 240-260C

Bed Temp: 70-90C

Pack size: 1KG/roll

Color: Transparent

Want to participate into the campaign ?

Please contact us if you and your school want to participate into the campaign of water bottles recycling.